Simple. Creative.

Mixed media journaling and note taking for mindfulness and personal growth.


Mixed media journaling and note taking for all aspects of your life.

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More Amazing Features

Multiple Journals

Create a collection of uniquely designed journals

Group Journaling

Invite friends and family to journal together

And More!

New features are always in the works


Notifications, affirmations, and scheduling keep you motivated and accountable

Customizable Designs

  • Personalize each journal inside and out
  • Choose from a wide assortment of journal covers, bands, patterns, frames, and stickers.
  • New items added regularly!


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Seasons Premium

One journal

Unlimited journal entries

Limited customization options




Unlimited journals

Unlimited journal entries

Access to all customization options

All future premium features

Per Year



Multiple Journals

Customizable Designs

Scrollable & Searchable 
Journal Entries

Face ID / Passcode

Keep your journals secret and safe when you're away

Mixed Media

  • Text, photo, and audio journal entries
  • Mood and reaction emojis to help you express and track how you feel
  • Scrollable and searchable
  • Works online or offline

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